TRUFA Job Action Notice

Urgent Notice Jan. 11, 2016 

Dear CUPE 4879 Brothers and Sisters,

TRUFA has given Thompson Rivers University 72 hours strike notice, which means it is likely TRUFA will do job action as early as Thursday, Jan. 14th. 

What should CUPE members do if TRUFA holds work action?

Job action can mean a variety of things from information activities to picket lines at specific sites, or full-out picket lines at the university gates. If there are picket lines, we will be asked by TRUFA not to cross their lines. This puts pressure on the employer to negotiate a fair deal and to negotiate in a timely manner.

If your building or work place is picketed:

  • CUPE members will be asked to sign-in with their CUPE picket captain to indicate they have shown up for work and will not cross the lines.
  • Members should be prepared for the potential of participating on a picket line, and dress for the weather.
  • If a member has a compelling reason for not being able to participate on the picket lines, the CUPE Executive will take that into consideration and may find other work that the members can do instead.

The CUPE Executive will update our members frequently with any news of job action and so forth. We will not know TRUFA’s planned strike activity until it occurs; therefore, we may only be able to provide short notice to our members, if at all. Please be prepared! 

Why should we support TRUFA?

Sometimes taking a strike is necessary. Nothing that is achieved in a collective agreement has ever just been given to the employees by the employer. The rights in our collective agreements were won by hard work and negotiation with the support of members past and present. The benefits we enjoy today were fought for and earned article by article in negotiation after negotiation. Unions have won benefits such as dental, eyewear, education allowances and tuition waivers, compressed time-off language, accrued sick time, vacation language, bereavement and compassionate leave, layoff rights, and anti-harassment language. These were won by union members willing to stand up for their work and stand together with their co-workers.

The achievements that TRUFA may win through bargaining and work action may open the door for our bargaining unit and vice versa. Success for one can be success for all. 

Where can I learn more?

For more information, please see:

In solidarity,

Lois Rugg, President
CUPE Local 4879