As the See Red Wear Red campaign continues…

As the campaign continues… A picture can be worth a thousand words.

The 4879 Executive would like to announce the See Red Wear Red picture contest.  We  are asking our creative CUPE 4879 colleagues to create a poster, picture, photo or drawing that supports our See Red Wear Red campaign (crayon drawing submissions will be accepted).  Submit your creative images in support of the red-circling issue on campus.  The image may demonstrate how it affects our members financially or how it affects morale etc. 

Humor is welcomed but serious is ok too because it is a serious issue.  You can create a meme using meme generators such as Imgur or Imgflip to create original memes or create other interesting posters/images using other methods.  Just show that you  support the See Red Wear Red campaign and the people affected by red-circling.  

Selected images will be published on our social media  throughout the campaign to the end of May.  The Executive will select the top 6 images to be presented at the June GM.  From the top six, one will be selected to win a $100 GC to Earls and the runner up will receive a $50 GC to Earls.  Winners will be voted on at the June meeting.  Submit your entries to

The contest will run until May 31st.

Don’t forget to wear red on Thursday!  .  #seeredwearred #mytru #cupe4879

Exhibit  1:  Photo by Val in Student Development