CUPE 4879 Marches in Pride Parade

Members of CUPE 4879 joined TRU students and faculty in the 2018 TRU Pride Parade on September 12. Though the weather was cool for this year’s parade, there was a huge turn-out of CUPE members for the parade.

Spirits were high to hear CUPE President Lois Rugg’s speech in support of LGBTTQI workers both inside and outside our workplace: “We know that thirty percent of members of LGBTTQI communities experience discrimination in the workplace, and we recognize that transgender, gender-diverse and two-spirit people experience disproportionate unemployment levels, harassment and discrimination at work. We encourage our members and everyone in the TRU community to work towards equity and fairness.”

CUPE members wore brightly coloured necklaces and carried flags and home-made signs to show their solidarity and support of LGBTTQI students and workers.

The Pride Parade was hosted by the TRUSU Equity Committee to celebrate the LGBTTQI+ community and make TRU a safe space to study, work, and live no matter of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.