November 18, 2020 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is the summary of our November meeting:

Thanks to all who joined us at the CUPE 4879 General Meeting November 18th via Microsoft Teams. Here is a summary of the meeting as recorded by Melissa Schuurman.

It was announced at the meeting that Karl Fultz is retiring end of March, will not be running for positions. Lois thanked him for his years of service, his passion for our members and Union principles.

Nominations were accepted and here are the results:

-President Lois Rugg – Accepted/Acclaimed
-2nd Vice President – Jackie Enders – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Recording Secretary- Melissa Schuurman – Accepted/Acclaimed

Negotiation Committee – Chair

-Melissa Schuurman – Accepted/Acclaimed

Negotiation Committee (3 positions and 1 alternate)

-President – Lois Rugg
-Lyn Ferec – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Cindy Ozouf – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jackie Enders – Accepted/Acclaimed
*Alternate position vacant

Grievance Committee – Chair

-Melissa Schuurman – Accepted/Acclaimed

Grievance Committee (4 positions)

-President – Lois Rugg
-Cindy Ozouf – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Joanne Atherton – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jackie Enders – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jasmine Haskell – Accepted/Acclaimed

Labour Management Committee (4 positions)

-President – Lois Rugg
-Lyn Ferec – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Kristin Webb – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Debbie Wasylyshyn – Accepted/Acclaimed
*1 vacancy

Joint OH&S (2 positions)

-Mike Dhillon – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jason Staruiala – Accepted/Acclaimed

Trustee (1 position)

-Linda Fleck – Accepted/Acclaimed

Education Committee (1 position)

-Cindy Ozouf – Accepted/Acclaimed

Job Evaluation Committee (2 positions and 1 alternate)

-Mike Dillon (3 year position) – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Brenda Eshelby (1 year, remainder of term) – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jody Coolahan (Alternate) – Accepted
-Jasmine Haskell (Alternate) – Accepted
*Election to take place for Alternate position in January

Parking Advisory Committee (2 positions)

-Myrissa Krenzler – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jasmine Haskell – Accepted/Acclaimed

Communications Committee

-No new members

Social Committee (no limit)

-No new members

Shop Stewards (no limit)

-Jasmine Haskell (as part of being on Grievance committee)

KDLC Delegate (entitled to 9 delegates)

-Lois Rugg – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Cindy Ozouf – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jasmine Haskell – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Debbie Wasylyshyn – Accepted/Acclaimed

Okanagan Mainline District representatives

-President and members of Executive attend
-Navin Jain put his name forward

Elections will take place in January for the JE Alternate and we will also continue to seek nominations for any vacancies.

The Kamloops and District Labour Council has an opportunity to have a representative on the BC Fed Executive Council for a two year term. Motion was made to support Lois’s candidacy and any expenses for BC Fed Executive Council Meetings with expenses to come out of the University Committee budget line.

M/S/C: Melissa Schuurman/Lyn Ferec/All-in-favour

Discussion: Lois noted that there will probably be limited expenses this year due to no in-person meetings.

Good of the Union:

Members in attendance at the meeting were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prizes.

Winners were:

$20 – Michael Dillon
$20 – Brenda Eshelby

Our next meeting will be December 9th via Teams.