April 14, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is a summary of our April 14 meeting:

There was a motion to purchase the Owl camera system pending support from the CUPE BC Pandemic fund, up to the amount of $1600 to come out of technology fund. Lois has confirmed that CUPE BC has approved $1000 towards the purchase of this camera and rest to come from our technology fund. This camera will be useful in the future with conducting our General meetings.

Committee Updates:

  • LOA R – has received everyone’s submissions for renaming the committee, a survey will be sent out next Monday to vote for your favourite name.
  • Grievance Committee – 3 grievances went to mediation yesterday and we are happy with the resolution. We are still looking at 2 grievances to move forward to arbitration.
  • Negotiations Committee – We are starting to get ready for negotiations next year. We will be getting your feedback soon.

The Annual Day of Mourning is a virtual ceremony this year and will take place April 28th @ 7pm. Visit the kdlc.ca link for the link to the ceremony. A car parade is also being planned and will start at the Provincial Courthouse downtown at 5 pm .

Members in attendance were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prize. The winners are: Lyn Ferec and Teresa Dickmeyer.

See you at the next meeting!