June 9, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is a summary of our June 9 meeting:

We voted on several by-law changes which took up majority of our meeting time. Here are the approved changes:

  • Bring CUPE 4879 Bylaws into compliance with CUPE national by using gender neutral language
  • Article 8: ORDER OF BUSINESS: Add “Territorial Acknowledgement: as #1 and “Equality Statement” as #2.
  • Article 16: DUTIES OF EXECUTIVE OFFERS: Change title from “Sgt. At Arms” to “Membership Officer”
  • Article 30: Update wording per CUPE National to “Oath of Membership.”
  • Article 31: Update wording per CUPE National to “Oath of Nomination and Office”
  • Committee Suggestion: Move “Equality Statement” to Appendix A.
  • Article 3: Replace articles with information from Bylaw guide, by adding items (a to e) as outlined in the guide.
  • Article 9: VOTING PROCEDURES: Add e-Voting and Virtual Meeting parameters (excludes ratification voting).
  • Article 17: COMMITTEES: ADD – Wellness, Innovation, & Training and REMOVE Harassment Prevention.
  • Article 27: HONORARIUMS: Increase of $50.00 across the board in the next fiscal year (Jul 2021)
  • Article 27: Committee Chairs to receive $50.00 on months active. Effective next Fiscal (Jul 2021).
  • Addition of new articles (1): “Notice of Motion”
  • Addition of new articles (2): Grievance, Arbitration & Appeals.

The above changes were approved by member majority votes.

There was a discussion about the following topics:

  • Lois provided an update about return to work. Staff will gradually return staring this July. There is a townhall planned for June. We encourage everyone to attend.
  • Auxiliary employee status discussion surrounding 11 month notice. Lois advised that this will be reviewed on a case by case basis per People and culture.

Our long time member Debbie Blackwell is retiring! We want to thank her for her past contributions to the local and wish her well in her retirement. You will be missed Debbie!

Members in attendance were entered into a draw for $100 prize and our regular $20 door prize. The winners are:

$100 Kathleen Johnston

$20 Aida Mansoori

$20 Kristen Webb

This is the last meeting before we take a break this summer. We want to wish a you a safe and happy summer!

See you in September!