February 9, 2022 Summary of our General Meeting (Virtual)

Thanks to all who joined us at the CUPE 4879 General Meeting January 12th via Microsoft Teams. Here is a summary of the meeting.

New member oath of obligation:  no new members

Minutes from last GM – Melissa Schuurman

Discussion: Melissa presented the minutes from January GM.

Motion 09-FEB-2022-G##: to accept minutes as presented

M/S/C:  Melissa Schuurman/Laszlo Nemes/All in favour

Treasurer’s Report –Lyn Ferec

Discussion: Presented the December 2021 financials and update on staff numbers between 2020 and 2021

Motion 09-FEB-2022-G##: to accept the report as presented

M/S/C:  Lyn Ferec/Laszlo Nemes/All in favour

Executive Report – Cindy Ozouf

Discussion: Met once since last GM, discussed agenda for this GM, Convention, Childcare campaign, CNOY

Motion 09-FEB-2022-G##: to accept the report as presented

M/S/C:  Cindy Ozouf/Laszlo Nemes/All in favour

Motions from Executive Report:

Motion 09-FEB-2022-G##: To send 6 delegates for the CUPE BC Convention to include the President, 5 delegates and one alternate, with preference given to Executive

M/S/C:  Lois Rugg/Cindy Ozouf/All in favour

Election of 6 delegates for the CUPE BC Convention to include the President, 5 delegates and one alternate:


  • Cindy Ozouf – accepted/acclaimed
  • Lyn Ferec – accepted/acclaimed
  • Navin Jain – accepted/acclaimed
  • Jackie Enders – accepted/acclaimed
  • Melissa Schuurman – declined
  • David Johnson – declined
  • Kamel Johal – accepted
  • Linda Fleck – declined


  • Stacy Peña – accepted
  • Sarah Aloisio – accepted/elected
  • Discussion and updates:
    • BC Childcare campaign – Melissa reminded everyone to really push the campaign, share Andrea’s campaign video on Facebook and get the word out to friends
    • CNOY 2022 – Reminder to sign up as part of fundraiser and if you cannot participate, you can also donate to a fellow member who is.

    Friendly amendment to Motion 12-JAN-2022-G##: To sponsor up to 6 candidates to participate in CNOY, $50 each (up to $300) with money to come out of the Donations budget line from January 2022 GM to increase donation amount from $300 to $500 so more people can participate.

    M/S/C: Lyn Ferec/Cindy Ozouf/All-in-favour 

    • Joint letter from TRUFA/CUPE was sent to Minister Kang regarding TRU investigation, received a response that they are aware, keeping an eye on it
    • TRUFA has had a vote of non-confidence against TRU President and BOG Chair, will see what happens as a result
    • Negotiations – received final round of proposals, the next step is for the committee to review the proposals and compile them so they can be presented for the membership to vote on. Lois and Melissa thanked everyone for sending their input
    • WIT Committee – expanding the Career Enhancement Fund application to include auxiliary employees, and will be topping up some of those who applied

    Good of the Union: 
    Members in attendance at the meeting were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prizes.  Winners were:

    Shannon James – $20

    Michael Dillon – $20

    Heather Mackay – box of chocolates

    Congratulations.  Connie will be in touch.

    Meeting was adjourned at 5:51 PM

    Motion 09-FEB-2022-G##: that this meeting be adjourned.

    M/S/C:  Lyn Ferec/Melissa Schuurman/All in favour