Jan 12, 2022 Summary of our General Meeting (Virtual)

New member oath of obligation:  no new members

Minutes from last GM – Melissa Schuurman

Discussion: Melissa presented the minutes from December GM.

Motion 12-JAN-2022-G##: to accept minutes as presented

M/S/C:  Melissa Schuurman/Navin Jain/All in favour

Treasurer’s Report –Lyn Ferec

Discussion: Presented the November financials and gave update on staff numbers between 2020 and 2021

Motion 12-JAN-2022-G##: to accept the report as presented

M/S/C:  Lyn Ferec/Navin/All in favour

Executive Report – Melissa Schuurman

Discussion: Met once since last GM. Discussed agenda items for this GM. Lois gave update on return to work – emailed Provost about Bonnie Henry’s message about WFH, hopefully meeting with Provost on Friday. Email from Lois about Coldest Night of the Year, have a motion to sponsor 6 candidates to participate.

Motion 12-JAN-2022-G##: to accept the report as presented

M/S/C:  Melissa Schuurman/Navin Jain/All in favour

Motions from Executive Report:

Motion 12-JAN-2022-G##: To sponsor up to 6 candidates to participate in CNOY, $50 each (up to $300) with money to come out of the Donations budget line

M/S/C:  Melissa Schuurman/Lyn Ferec/All in favour         

Elections – 2 positions on the Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC)

1 one-year term for remainder of current vacant position to January 2023


Jaspreet Kaur – accepted/acclaimed

1 one-year term as alternate to January 2023


Kam Johal – accepted/acclaimed

Discussion and updates:

  • CUPE Bursaries – Cindy Ozouf gave reminder to apply before the deadline
  • WIT Committee Update – Melissa Schuurman gave an update on credential enhancement fund, told members to keep an eye out for application
  • TRU Investigation – Melissa Schuurman gave update that one of the senior executives that was part of the investigation has left TRU. We are continuing to work with TRUFA on next steps and wiil update members as we have more information
  • Return to work/WFH – Melissa Schuurman gave update that herself and Lois met with the other union execs and the Provost last Friday to talk about TRU’s plans and what managers have discretion to do regarding WFH. If a manager does agree to WFH it has to be for a justifiable reason, it cannot be just because an employee wants to.  Managers can say no regardless because TRU is following PHO rules and WorksafeBC policies.

Good of the Union: 
Members in attendance at the meeting were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prizes.  Winners were:

Jaspreet Kaur

Kamel Johal

Congratulations.  Connie will be in touch.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:27 PM

Motion 12-JAN-2022-G##: that this meeting be adjourned.

M/S/C:  Cindy Ozouf/Melissa Schuurman/All in favour