Mar 15, 2022 Summary of the Special Meeting to Ratify Bargaining Proposals- Virtual

Thank you to all that attended the meeting.

We had a great turnout of members with good debate and discussion on proposals brought forward. The negotiation Committee was introduced and include Lois Rugg, President, Melissa Schuurman, Chair, with Cindy Ozouf, Lyn Ferec, Jackie Enders and Evelyn Senger. Our National Rep, Harry Nott will be the spokesperson at the table.

The process for bargaining was laid out again and  members were reminded that the proposals before them were from the membership or submitted by the Negotiation committee. The committee Negotiations Chair, Melissa Schuurman presented the recommended proposals and members were provided with a link to the document for review at the meeting, which also included proposals that were not recommended with a rationale as to why.

The members had an opportunity to make a motion to add/delete or amend a proposal.  It was then seconded, discussed and voted on.

The proposal package as amended was voted on and ratified. The package will now  be sent to the membership in a form of a survey. Members will be asked to prioritize the proposals, either all of them or just select their top 10-15 priorities.  The committee will use this as a tool at bargaining knowing what are the most important proposals on the table for the membership overall.

Once the committee begins bargaining with the employer the Union will provide general updates including when the parties are meeting but will not be able to discuss details discussed at the bargaining table.  When the bargaining team reaches a tentative agreement or have been given a final offer the committee will bring back a comprehensive explanation with recommendation to accept or to not recommend acceptance  The membership will then be given an opportunity to vote in favour of the tentative agreement/final offer or vote against.

If you have any questions or need clarification you are welcome to contact Lois Rugg, President at

The Negotiation committee thanked all of the members for their participation in the proposal process and going forward with the survey. Your solidarity is appreciated.