Mar 9, 2022 Summary of our General Meeting – Virtual

Thank you to all who attended the meeting. It was nice to see you there.

  • Negotiation committee updates – three calls for proposals and ideas were sent for a deadline January.  The Negotiation Committee has met and looked over the 100 plus submissions and will make recommendations to the membership with a rationale why they recommend or do not recommend ratifying.  Motions that are not recommended will be presented with a rationale as to why ie they may not be in the scope of bargaining or should be discussed at LMC or another alternative.   Members will have an opportunity to amend the proposals and or delete/add proposals at the meeting.  Special meeting will be held March 15th.
  • The Executive and membership discussed a return to in-person/hybrid GMs – Looking to do a hybrid GM in April if we can find an available room and will send out a survey to see how many might want to either return in person or prefer to join virtually.
  • CNOY update – KDLC was the 2nd place team with over $4000 raised.  Thank you to all members who participated and donated.  Kudos to Melissa Schuurman who made it into the top 10 fundraisers and to our other CUPE 4879 participants, Cindy Ozouf, Shannon James, Karl Fultz, Lois Rugg, Tony Kuzcma and Shilpee Sharma.
  • WIT Committee Update– Career Enhancement Fund had 15 successful applicants.  Members were reminded to plan ahead and look for next year’s application.  CUPE plugged the Personal Effectiveness Training series happening through March.  It looks very popular and lots of people are signing up.
  • Faculty Rally for Ukraine on Friday – Lois sent email out prior to the meeting
  • Lois advised members impacted by Ukraine should contact the union, Campus Wellness Advisor and/or EAP if they need support.  CUPE National has made a statement of support for Ukraine and donated $50,000 to help Ukraine with humanitarian needs.
  • T4’s for 2021 – there may seem less income than previous year on your T4’s.  Payroll confirmed 2020 had 27 pay periods so explains why our 2021 Box 14 showed less then previous year.

See you at the next meeting on April 6, 2022.