Apr 13, 2022 Summary of our General Meeting (Hybrid)

Below is summary of our meeting.

We welcomed new members (new to the meeting) Rachel Macleod and Damara Anderson.

TRUSU campaign coordinator, Leif Douglass made a presentation on proposed changes to Senate
Highlights of the presentation included:

  • TRU doesn’t have senate seats to represent students in each school/faculty, TRUSU is petitioning to get senate structure changed to add more seats
  • Challenge exists at other special purpose institutions in BC, looking to format similar to research-based institutions
  • Proposal to have student seats from each school/faculty, no one loses seats, but would increase the number of senate seats.
  • Would need to amend Thompson Rivers University Act and the University Act
  • Next steps: Looking for a letter of support from CUPE and waiting for new Provost to start in July to set meeting to discuss
  • Attached is a template for letters individual members can send in support

JHSC First Aid Incident Reporting Presentation – Michael Dillon
Highlights of Michaels report included:

  • Incident and first aid reporting guidelines (March 2022) presentation from last JHSC meeting
  • First aid – contact security (excluding emergencies), they are trained and designated as first aid attendants on campus
  • Incident reports should be filled out by employee and supervisor asap (online)
  • If 911 is called, also reach out to security – can get there faster
  • Faculty, staff and contractors should not provide transportation to medical options, insurance and liability – get a taxi or ambulance, security working to obtain vouchers
  • Question was asked about employees who received stipends to be first aid attendants – issue was if staff member were on vacation, not sure who to call – security always has 5 people on campus at any given time so makes sense they should be responders.
  • Note that Security office should also have ‘First Aid’ included in signage at office in Old Main, along with ‘Lost & Found’, Mike will bring that up at next committee meeting

Presentation will also be added to our website resources.

General Discussion and Updates:

  • Survey: In-person vs. Virtual vs. Hybrid GMs – We will be sending a survey out to members for feedback on the format of GMs moving forward.  The April 13th GM was held as a Hybrid meeting with approximately 13 people in attendance and remainder were virtual.  Look forward to getting the membership’s feedback in the survey.
  • TRU wants to extend the Working From Home (WFH) pilot LOU to March 31, 2023.  We meet with employer to find out if there were changes, want to keep parameters the same.  TRU wants to do more research now that pandemic is “over” – everyone is back to work on campus.  They have received a lot of positive feedback from those doing the pilot.
  • Bargaining – proposals were ratified and survey sent out to rate them.  The committee will be setting up a  meeting with TRU’s chief negotiator Geoff Tierney. 
  • 4 grievances are moving to arbitration/mediation – waiting on dates
  • Only 1 grievance filed so far this year which is a selection grievance
  • Day of Mourning Ceremony – April 28, 2022 at 6pm on St Andrews on the Square.  We encourage members to attend this important event.  Safety should always be at top of mind when we are at work.  A motion was made and carried from the floor to donate $200 to the KDLC to help promote the event.  It passed unanimously.

Our lucky door prize winners were Jason Staruiala and Tony Kuczma

 Mark your calendars for the next General meeting scheduled for May 11, 2022.