Nov 9, 2022 Nominations and Summary of our General Meeting (Hybrid)

Hello All:

Here are the results from the Nomination Meeting held November 9th.  Thank you to all who let their name stand. There will be an election for the Grievance Committee in January and there are a few vacancies open for further nomination as well. Otherwise most committees and Exec positions have been acclaimed.

President – Lois Rugg – acclaimed

2nd VP – Navin Jain – acclaimed

Secretary – Melissa Schuurman – acclaimed

Trustee – 3 year term  – Kathleen Johnston

Negotiations Committee – agreed to keep current committee as we are in Negotiations currently.

Grievance Chair – Melissa Schuurman – acclaimed

*Nominations for Grievance Committee – include President and 4 members – Sarah Aloisio, Cindy Ozouf, Jackie Enders, Jasmine Haskell and Kam Johal – election will held on January 4, 2023.

Labour Management Committee – President and Linda Fleck, Kris Webb, Cindy Ozouf and Sarah Aloisio

Joint Job Evaluation Committee – 3 year term – Jaspreet Kaur

Joint Job Evaluation Committee Alternate – Rachael MacLeod

Education Committee – 3 year term – Tony Kuczma

*Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee – Randy Hoffman, 1 vacancy

Social committee – Tony Kuczma, Kam Johal, Dan Stultz, Cindy Ozouf, Laszlo Nemes, Shilpee Sharma, Shannon James, Lois Rugg (vacancies available)

Communication Committee –  Lois Rugg, Cindy Ozouf and Cristian Sonea (vacancies available)

Shop steward – Kam Johal, Kathleen Johnston (vacancies available)

Okanagan Mainline District Council Delegates – Lois Rugg, Cindy Ozouf, Navin Jain, Melissa Schuurman Kam Johal, Sarah Aloisio

Kamloops District and Labour Council Delegates – Lois Rugg, Cindy Ozouf, Navin Jain, Melissa Schuurman, Jaspreet Kaur, Sarah Aloisio (vacancies available)

See you at the Holiday Social on December 14, 2023 from 4:30-6:30 pm.