October 13, 2021– Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Thanks to all who joined us at the CUPE 4879 General Meeting October 13th via Microsoft Teams. Here is a summary of the meeting. 
New member oath of obligation:  Jaspreet Kaur

Minutes from last GM – Melissa Schuurman


Business arising from the minutes: Grievance scheduled to move to arbitration, 21-03 contracting out issue, question about which department, Lois said in IT

Motion 13-OCT-2021-G##: to accept minutes as presented

M/S/C:  Melissa Schuurman/Laszlo Nemes/All in favour

Motion 13-OCT-2021-G##: to move GR 21-03 to Arbitration

M/S/C:  Lois Rugg/Navin Jain/All in favour

Treasurer’s Report – Lois Rugg (on behalf of Lyn Ferec)

Discussion: Presented financials from June, July and August

Motion 13-OCT-2021-G##: to accept the report as presented

M/S/C:  Lois Rugg/Laszlo Nemes/All in favour

No Executive Report (no exec meetings since last GM)

Election for the Parking Advisory Committee for the remainder of the term to January 2023

Nominations: Jaspreet Kaur – accepted/acclaimed

 Election for the JJEC Committee for the remainder of the term to January 2023


  • Kamel Johal – accepted/elected
  • Sarah Aloisio – accepted

Updates from the Wellness, Innovation and Training Committee (WIT) – Melissa Schuurman

Updates from the Education Committee – Cindy Ozouf

  • CUPE 4879 scholarships coming up – keep an eye out for applications
  • Will be giving out an extra bursary (4 this year instead of the usual 3)
  • Committee meeting at the end of this month


  • Reminder about nominations meeting in November
  • KDLC Bursary applications are now available, go to website to find out more info – please sent it via Canada Post (to support postal workers) and via email
  • Thank you to everyone who came to last week’s Meet ‘n’ Greet, if you missed getting your swag bag, contact the CUPE office
  • Held a Lunch ‘n’ Learn yesterday, recording and slides will be available soon.

Good of the Union: 
Members in attendance at the meeting were entered into a draw for $100 prize and our regular $20 door prizes.  Winners were:

Turkey draw – Michael Dillon

Turkey draw – Joanne Atherton

$20 – Heather Mackay

$20 – Cindy Ozouf

Congratulations.  Connie will be in touch.


Sept 15, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Thanks to all who joined us at the CUPE 4879 General Meeting September 15th via Microsoft Teams. Here is a summary of the meeting.

• Update from Campus Wellness Advisor (Joy Demsey) – There are opportunities coming up:

  • Working Mind and Mental Health Leadership – deadline to apply for both is next Wednesday
  • Daring Greatly (Brene Brown) – 6 week session, email Joy for an application

There was a question about meetings going forward  and we have decided that it will be a blend of virtual/in-person, as we have acquired the Owl camera.

On Oct.6 – will do a walkthrough/meet ‘n’ greet to hand out swag and prizes, more details to come.

Members in attendance at the meeting were entered into a draw for $100 prize and our regular $20 door prizes. Winners were:

$20 – Cliff Harms
$20 – Stacy Pena

Congratulations. Connie will be in touch.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting!


June 9, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is a summary of our June 9 meeting:

We voted on several by-law changes which took up majority of our meeting time. Here are the approved changes:

  • Bring CUPE 4879 Bylaws into compliance with CUPE national by using gender neutral language
  • Article 8: ORDER OF BUSINESS: Add “Territorial Acknowledgement: as #1 and “Equality Statement” as #2.
  • Article 16: DUTIES OF EXECUTIVE OFFERS: Change title from “Sgt. At Arms” to “Membership Officer”
  • Article 30: Update wording per CUPE National to “Oath of Membership.”
  • Article 31: Update wording per CUPE National to “Oath of Nomination and Office”
  • Committee Suggestion: Move “Equality Statement” to Appendix A.
  • Article 3: Replace articles with information from Bylaw guide, by adding items (a to e) as outlined in the guide.
  • Article 9: VOTING PROCEDURES: Add e-Voting and Virtual Meeting parameters (excludes ratification voting).
  • Article 17: COMMITTEES: ADD – Wellness, Innovation, & Training and REMOVE Harassment Prevention.
  • Article 27: HONORARIUMS: Increase of $50.00 across the board in the next fiscal year (Jul 2021)
  • Article 27: Committee Chairs to receive $50.00 on months active. Effective next Fiscal (Jul 2021).
  • Addition of new articles (1): “Notice of Motion”
  • Addition of new articles (2): Grievance, Arbitration & Appeals.

The above changes were approved by member majority votes.

There was a discussion about the following topics:

  • Lois provided an update about return to work. Staff will gradually return staring this July. There is a townhall planned for June. We encourage everyone to attend.
  • Auxiliary employee status discussion surrounding 11 month notice. Lois advised that this will be reviewed on a case by case basis per People and culture.

Our long time member Debbie Blackwell is retiring! We want to thank her for her past contributions to the local and wish her well in her retirement. You will be missed Debbie!

Members in attendance were entered into a draw for $100 prize and our regular $20 door prize. The winners are:

$100 Kathleen Johnston

$20 Aida Mansoori

$20 Kristen Webb

This is the last meeting before we take a break this summer. We want to wish a you a safe and happy summer!

See you in September!



May 12, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is a summary of our May 12 meeting:

The following items were discussed:

  • Lyn Ferec discussed the upcoming changes to the by-laws. A notice of motion was presented to begin reviewing and voting on by-law changes starting in June.
  • Lois explained the voting process for the upcoming changes to the by-law.
  • We discussed the Townhall with the Public Health Officers about the impending return to work and COVID.

LOA R committee announced the winners for the renaming of the committee. They received 30 participants and the winners are: Ashleigh Canaday, Shannon McLeod, and Michelle Young.

The LOA R is now known as WIT committee (Wellness, Innovation and Training).

Joy Demsey gave us a Wellness update. There is an upcoming mental health training, a lunch and learn on (EAP) Employee Assistance Program. and the “Ride Don’t Hide” event coming up in June. There is also a Naturopathic Medicine lunch and learn on May 19 at noon. We hope to see you there.

Members in attendance were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prize. The winners are: Rhea Clements and Michael Dillon.

See you at the next meeting.

April 14, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is a summary of our April 14 meeting:

There was a motion to purchase the Owl camera system pending support from the CUPE BC Pandemic fund, up to the amount of $1600 to come out of technology fund. Lois has confirmed that CUPE BC has approved $1000 towards the purchase of this camera and rest to come from our technology fund. This camera will be useful in the future with conducting our General meetings.

Committee Updates:

  • LOA R – has received everyone’s submissions for renaming the committee, a survey will be sent out next Monday to vote for your favourite name.
  • Grievance Committee – 3 grievances went to mediation yesterday and we are happy with the resolution. We are still looking at 2 grievances to move forward to arbitration.
  • Negotiations Committee – We are starting to get ready for negotiations next year. We will be getting your feedback soon.

The Annual Day of Mourning is a virtual ceremony this year and will take place April 28th @ 7pm. Visit the kdlc.ca link for the link to the ceremony. A car parade is also being planned and will start at the Provincial Courthouse downtown at 5 pm .

Members in attendance were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prize. The winners are: Lyn Ferec and Teresa Dickmeyer.

See you at the next meeting!

March 10, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is the summary of our Mar 10 meeting:

Lois introduced Joy Demsey who is our interim Campus Wellness Advisor covering Sam Nielsen’s maternity leave. Welcome to Joy! We look forward to working with you.

Melissa provided a quick updated from LOA R committee and what they have been up to in the past year. If you are interested to know more, please feel free to contact Melissa Schuurman.

Karl Fultz is retiring soon and has requested a lifetime CUPE 4879 membership. If the membership approves this request, we will send it to CUPE National for final approval.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Discussion about a survey being sent out to get feedback from our members regarding the return to campus plan. The executive has met with the employer and we have asked to keep us to date with the progress.
  • The executive is currently looking at a “Letter of Understanding” for working from home for a department that is partaking in a pilot project post pandemic.

We encourage members to reach out directly to the executive to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

The executive is planning an outdoor event once the restrictions lift. We will keep everyone posted.

Members in attendance were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prize. The winners are: Margaret West and Michael Dillon. Congratulations!

See you at the next meeting.

February 10, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is a summary of our February meeting:

We announced our bursary winners for 2020-21 and they are Olivia Corke and Jenna Dandurand. Olivia is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on environmental sustainability. Jenna is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with hopes to enter into the health care field. We wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

There was a motion to open up the Bursary to those taking less than three courses (part time studies), with preference given to those taking more than three courses (full time studies). Education committee will meet to discuss this further.

An election was held to send 6 delegates and one alternate to attend the CUPE BC Virtual Convention with preference given to the President and Executive members and remaining vacancies open to interested members. The election of the results are as follows:

Cindy Ozouf, Navin Jain, Melissa Schuurman, Lyn Ferec, Joanne Atherton, and Linda Fleck

The above mentioned members will be attending the convention this year

There was some discussion regarding the following topics:

  • Moving grievances to arbitration, which will be making a motion at our next meeting
  • Our local is looking at getting involved in the campaign for “Education for all.”

Members in attendance were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door price. The winners are: Laszlo Nemes and Shilpee Sharma. Congratulations!

See you at the next meeting.

January 13, 2021 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is a summary of our January meeting:

Happy New Year everyone!

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for our first general meeting of 2021 yesterday.

Here is a brief summary of our meeting and discussions

Election for Job Evaluation Committee – Alternate
Congratulations to Jasmine Haskell elected to the position and thanks to all for letting their name stand.

Hardship Fund Discussion

Reminder that this fund of $100 is available for those members who may be in need. Applications will be vetted by our Office Admin and you will be required to provide evidence of need. The Application is posted on website and we will resend to the CUPE list as well. All applications, names and information will be kept confidential. The Executive will make the decisions on each application on a case by case need basis. First time applicants will have priority. The fund is available until June 30th.

Okanagan Mainline District Council (OMDC) Young Worker opportunity – CUPE BC Convention

Karl Fultz provided information on opportunity for young worker to attend CUPE BC convention, sponsored by OMDC. Only one spot available, discussed eligibility criteria and application process. Applicants from all CUPE Locals affiliated to the OMDC are eligible to apply so odds will be based on total number of applicants. If you are a young worker, between the age of 18 to 30 inclusive, in our local please send us a paragraph of why you would like to be considered for this opportunity to attend the CUPE BC convention. Send the application to the Executive via cupe4879@shaw.ca by February 14th. Deadline subject to change as we are waiting to hear officially from the OMDC what their deadline is. The Convention will be held virtually over 3 days, 9am to 4pm, May 19-21. Wages and expenses (if any) will be covered.

President Report/update:

Grievance updates:
One grievance filed so far this year regarding selection and there are 5-6 outstanding from previous years. Will be taking 3 grievance to mediation with Arbitrator Mark Brown. We are still waiting for dates.

Layoff update:
We still have people on temp leave. Some people have already been told that there positions will be eliminated and so are not being brought back. They have been offered their layoff options. Some members are still waiting to hear and the Union is hoping TRU will make decisions soon about those members and if there leave will be extended or not. Several people have also been told they will be bringing back their position back so some positive news on that front. We will let the membership know what the final numbers look like as we learn more but want members to know that this is about more than numbers and that we continue and always need to be kind to each other in these times of trouble and distress. Please reach out if you need support or just need to talk.
Benefits for those turning 65:

Some members reaching 65 years of age are still receiving automated letter from Manulife saying their benefits will no longer be available. The Union would like to clarify that those members will not receive LTD and will have reduced life insurance when they turn 65 but will still receive short term disability benefits and get extended health benefits until age 70. HR (People and Culture) have been trying to work with Manulife to get this resolved so they do not send our members automated emails but to date this has not stopped. TRU puts those members who are age 65 to 70 into a different class re benefits. Unfortunately benefits do cease at age 70 but Manulife has a follow me plan. Depending on your personal circumstance you may also want to look into BC Forum who has a group plan to age 75 for a membership fee of approx. $20

Pension plan, changes coming in 2022.
Just a reminder that Bridging will still be an option for those it may benefit but will be prorated based on years of service that members have paid into it after 2022. Once the changes occur in 2022 people will be accumulating a larger amount in their pension as the plan will no longer be funding the bridging. This will benefit younger members more but will have some benefit to others depending on how long you work after 2022. CUPE 4879 will be offering a lunch ‘n’ learn on pensions for an opportunity to learn more and ask general questions. Date TBA. If you have specific questions about your personal pension we would encourage you to contact the MPP directly.

Coldest Night of the Year: joining Kamloops and District Labour Council (Team Labour Council 2021)
This year, the across Canada fundraising event will be virtual and held on Feb.20th Participants can walk with their bubble or by themselves on a safe route they have mapped out in their own neighbourhood or neighbourhoods they feel comfortable in. The walking distance should be between 2 to 5 km approximately. It is an honour system of course.

There was a motion at the GM to sponsor up to $300 for the event. $50 each for up to 6 participants from CUPE 4879 who join the Labour Council 2021 team. To register for the CNOY 2021 event go to https://cnoy.org/home and register to fundraise (or donate). You can look for your location (For majority of members – Kamloops) and then it will guide you on how to register for the team Labour Council 2021. This year the Team Captain is Talitha Dekker from HEU. The incentive to participate or donate to team Labour Council 2021 is for bragging rights if the team is the number one fundraiser, but most importantly it supports the Mustard Seed and all of the great work they do for our homeless persons and our community.

If you are one of the first 6 CUPE members to register as a participant on the team we will make sure we donate $50 toward your fundraising goal. Contact myself presidentcupe4879@shaw.ca or cupe4879@shaw.ca to confirm you have registered We would invite and encourage all members to make a personal donation large or small if you can, either to yourself if participating, a CUPE 4879 member on team Labour Council 2021 or to the Team itself.

CUPE 4879 Bursary:
Reminder that CUPE bursary deadline is Jan.15. The Education committee will review applications and announce the winners sometime in February.

Kamloops and District Labour Council Bursary

Congrats to Cindy Ozouf and Dana Bach, each winners of KDLC bursary this year. Reminder to members that each year the KDLC awards 5 x $1000 bursaries. 3 are general and 1 is specifically for Trades Programs. The 5th is a relatively new bursary in Memory of Cindy Ross Friedman that is awarded to a woman who is studying in the STEM programs.

Financial Query from member
One of the questions asked last night at our meeting was about the 4879 budget. The question was when the Budget was presented and approved, did the Executive account for layoffs and retirements – Lois and Lyn provided response that yes the Executive did anticipate lower dues and adjusted some of our expenditures. We have approved a deficit budget this year but we are still in good shape and will be watching as the year goes on.

Door Prizes:
Members in attendance at the meeting were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prizes and our spin it to win it wheel.
Congratulations to Michael Dillon and Marianna Abutalipova

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Executive, Committee members or contact our office. A complete list of names of elected committee members will be posted shortly.

December 14, 2020 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is the summary of our December meeting:

Thank you to all those who were able to attend the December General Meeting.

We welcomed Kole Lawrence and Shatelle Bishop members of TRUSU who presented the TRUSU campaign to end Canada’s discriminatory blood ban that prohibits MSM (men who have sex with Men) and trans women from donating blood. TRUSU’s campaign is proposing Canada move to a behaviour based blood donation model versus an identity based blood donation model currently being used in Canada. Many countries have adopted the behaviour based model. Since the 80’s the blood ban has gone from 100 % ban to in recent years a 3 month ban. This 3 month ban still discriminates against persons in monogamous and in long term relationships who practise safe sex. The membership passed a motion to support the “End the Blood Ban” campaign through letter writing, emails and social media.

Trustees Navin Jain and Linda Fleck presented the findings from the audit. Overall the Trustees were very happy with how the Finances and the books were being handled on the membership’s behalf. Treasurer, Lyn Ferec thanked the Trustees and responded that the recommendations brought forward were good ones and would be implemented. We would like to thank Linda, Navin and Cristian for their excellent work.

Motions were passed at the meeting to approve our annual holiday donations and to increase them from $100 to $200 using the money we would have spent on the Christmas Social. We will be donating to the BCSPCA, the Kamloops Food Bank, YMCA Women’s Shelter, the Mustard Seed, TRU Student Union Food Bank, Out of the Cold and Christmas Amalgamated.

CUOE 4879 usually supports the Annual Shoe and Red Dress Memorial sponsored by the KDLC. The event was cancelled this year due to COVID so the organizers asked affiliates to donate to the Y- Women’s Shelter or the Kamloops Sexual Assault Counseling Centre (KSACC). The membership passed a motion to donate $200 to the KSACC.

Congrats to Navin Jain acclaimed as the 2nd VP, Linda Fleck acclaimed for the Labour Management Committee and Evelyn Penny for the Negotiations Committee Alternate position, all 2 year terms starting in January. In addition, Kamala Johal has joined the Communications Committee and Shop Steward, Cynthia Bosdet will continue to be on the Social Committee. Again we would like to thank everyone who has served on the committees, let their names stand and who will serve on committees. Your commitment and time is appreciated by the membership.

Reminder that we will be holding the election for the JE Alternate position and we will also be electing a 2 year position for Trustee who will replace Navin.

The CUPE 4879 holiday wheel was spun at the meeting to draw prizes supporting local business. The list of prizes and winners was posted on our CUPE List. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners.

We know this may be a difficult and challenging holiday season for everyone and some may be struggling more than others. A reminder that our Hardship Fund is available till June. Please contact cupe4879@shaw.ca if you would like a form to complete. Your name and information will be kept confidential.

On behalf of the Executive and myself we would like to wish you all the best of the season. Please take care of yourselves. Be safe and be well.

November 18, 2020 – Summary of our Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Here is the summary of our November meeting:

Thanks to all who joined us at the CUPE 4879 General Meeting November 18th via Microsoft Teams. Here is a summary of the meeting as recorded by Melissa Schuurman.

It was announced at the meeting that Karl Fultz is retiring end of March, will not be running for positions. Lois thanked him for his years of service, his passion for our members and Union principles.

Nominations were accepted and here are the results:

-President Lois Rugg – Accepted/Acclaimed
-2nd Vice President – Jackie Enders – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Recording Secretary- Melissa Schuurman – Accepted/Acclaimed

Negotiation Committee – Chair

-Melissa Schuurman – Accepted/Acclaimed

Negotiation Committee (3 positions and 1 alternate)

-President – Lois Rugg
-Lyn Ferec – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Cindy Ozouf – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jackie Enders – Accepted/Acclaimed
*Alternate position vacant

Grievance Committee – Chair

-Melissa Schuurman – Accepted/Acclaimed

Grievance Committee (4 positions)

-President – Lois Rugg
-Cindy Ozouf – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Joanne Atherton – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jackie Enders – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jasmine Haskell – Accepted/Acclaimed

Labour Management Committee (4 positions)

-President – Lois Rugg
-Lyn Ferec – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Kristin Webb – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Debbie Wasylyshyn – Accepted/Acclaimed
*1 vacancy

Joint OH&S (2 positions)

-Mike Dhillon – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jason Staruiala – Accepted/Acclaimed

Trustee (1 position)

-Linda Fleck – Accepted/Acclaimed

Education Committee (1 position)

-Cindy Ozouf – Accepted/Acclaimed

Job Evaluation Committee (2 positions and 1 alternate)

-Mike Dillon (3 year position) – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Brenda Eshelby (1 year, remainder of term) – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jody Coolahan (Alternate) – Accepted
-Jasmine Haskell (Alternate) – Accepted
*Election to take place for Alternate position in January

Parking Advisory Committee (2 positions)

-Myrissa Krenzler – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jasmine Haskell – Accepted/Acclaimed

Communications Committee

-No new members

Social Committee (no limit)

-No new members

Shop Stewards (no limit)

-Jasmine Haskell (as part of being on Grievance committee)

KDLC Delegate (entitled to 9 delegates)

-Lois Rugg – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Cindy Ozouf – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Jasmine Haskell – Accepted/Acclaimed
-Debbie Wasylyshyn – Accepted/Acclaimed

Okanagan Mainline District representatives

-President and members of Executive attend
-Navin Jain put his name forward

Elections will take place in January for the JE Alternate and we will also continue to seek nominations for any vacancies.

The Kamloops and District Labour Council has an opportunity to have a representative on the BC Fed Executive Council for a two year term. Motion was made to support Lois’s candidacy and any expenses for BC Fed Executive Council Meetings with expenses to come out of the University Committee budget line.

M/S/C: Melissa Schuurman/Lyn Ferec/All-in-favour

Discussion: Lois noted that there will probably be limited expenses this year due to no in-person meetings.

Good of the Union:

Members in attendance at the meeting were entered into a draw for our regular $20 door prizes.

Winners were:

$20 – Michael Dillon
$20 – Brenda Eshelby

Our next meeting will be December 9th via Teams.