Website and Social Media Updates

CUPE 4879 Communication Committee (comm comm) has been busy updating and making changes to our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This committee wants to provide relevant and current information to our members and to offer convenient ways for members to stay active in the union. Our website has information about the union, committee members, and resources for members.

The “comm comm” members are looking for story submissions and ideas from our members for future updates. Please let us know what’s going on in your department, in the TRU community, and tell us if there is anything else you may want us to know.

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CUPE 4879 Marches in Pride Parade

Members of CUPE 4879 joined TRU students and faculty in the 2018 TRU Pride Parade on September 12. Though the weather was cool for this year’s parade, there was a huge turn-out of CUPE members for the parade.

Spirits were high to hear CUPE President Lois Rugg’s speech in support of LGBTTQI workers both inside and outside our workplace: “We know that thirty percent of members of LGBTTQI communities experience discrimination in the workplace, and we recognize that transgender, gender-diverse and two-spirit people experience disproportionate unemployment levels, harassment and discrimination at work. We encourage our members and everyone in the TRU community to work towards equity and fairness.”

CUPE members wore brightly coloured necklaces and carried flags and home-made signs to show their solidarity and support of LGBTTQI students and workers.

The Pride Parade was hosted by the TRUSU Equity Committee to celebrate the LGBTTQI+ community and make TRU a safe space to study, work, and live no matter of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

JE updates

CUPE 4879’s Executive and Negotiation Committee have been working with HR to meet commitments made in the job evaluation letter of understanding (LOU) ratified earlier this year.

Though there was a delay in the first payment, we are happy to report that red-circled CUPE members have been receiving the lump-sum payments promised in the July 2018 LOU. Under the terms of the LOU, members who were red-circled in their positions after JE review between January 2015 to July 2018 have received lump sum payments for lost wage increases during this time period. The July deadline specified in the LOU was not met due to staff shortages in HR and Finance; however, it appears all eligible CUPE members have received the payments owed as of the middle of August. There will be one more payment made for increases not covered by the first payment date, as per the letter of understanding.

Your Negotiations Committee has met several times this summer and brought in an expert in job evaluation from CUPE National to meet the September 28 deadline for an agreement with TRU to improve the JE point system. The Union hopes to be able to negotiate changes that will bring some members out of red-circling completely, and the changes we are suggesting to the point system may also lift other members in positions that are not red-circled into a higher pay band if negotiations are successful. According to Lois Rugg, President of CUPE 4879, “It will be challenging to help those affected by a payband loss of two or more levels. Unfortunately, we don’t anticipate that all members will be un-redcircled as a result of these negotiations, but the employer seems earnest in wanting to make the much-needed changes. It will likely come down to what those changes will cost the employer. We’re doing everything we can to support our members and create a fair system for job evaluation.”

The committee met with the employer on September 13th and 14th to present proposals for changes, and CUPE Executive will report the results once an agreement has been reached. Any changes to the plan will be brought back to the membership for their approval.

Lunch n’ Learn planned for new members

Welcome to our NEW CUPE 4879 members

Bring yourself and a friend to the upcoming CUPE lunch and learn session.  The session is scheduled to take place on:

Date: September 26, 2018

Time: 12:00-1:00 pm

Place: TRUSU Lecture Hall (Campus Activity Centre)

Not only will there be a FREE pizza lunch, but you will also have the opportunity to meet other new members like yourself and learn about what CUPE 4879 can do for you.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the session:

  • Introduction to CUPE 4879
  • What is the purpose of the union?
  • Various ways to get involved
  • Communication and knowing your collective agreement
  • Benefits information
  • Questions and answers

If you would like a FREE pizza lunch and are especially interested in what our union can do to support you, we strongly encourage you to attend this session.  We know that the information that you will learn will be valuable throughout your career at TRU. There is limited seating so please register as soon as possible.

As new members, we would also like the opportunity to get to know you!  Please send us a short introduction about yourself.  We look forward to meeting you!  Send your introductions via email to


Welcome Back


Welcome back students, staff and faculty on behalf of the 600 CUPE 4879 Members at TRU in Kamloops and Williams Lake. We are the support staff, behind the scenes and on the front lines, here to make your TRU experience a positive and successful one as you study and work towards achieving your learning and life goals. Best wishes for a great year.

Message from CUPE National President

National President’s column

CUPE members from across the country will gather in Toronto in October for our 28th constitutional convention. There, we will report on the work we have undertaken since our 2015 convention and establish, together, our priorities for the next two years.

We will debate and adopt our Strategic Directions, dozens of policy resolutions, and a new organizing plan. And we will consider changes to our constitution – the document that sets out how we govern ourselves.

Over the years we have had many important convention debates about our governance. Some have focused on our finances, and others have focused on representation on our National Executive Board.

This year, your National Executive Board is submitting a constitutional amendment that seeks to add four additional seats to our board – Diversity Vice President positions to represent workers with disabilities, LGBTTI workers, young workers, and women.

Right now, the bulk of our board is based on regional representation, and I think it serves our regions incredibly well.

In my years on the NEB, I have always valued the perspective brought to our table by the two existing DVPs, especially (but not only) on matters relevant to racialized and Indigenous workers. And I recognize that crucial voices have been missing from our discussions about the state and the future of our great union.

Across the country, some of our most important struggles are focused on sectors and communities with some of the most marginalized and precarious workers. And many of those workers are women, racialized and Indigenous workers, LGBTTI workers, young workers, and workers with disabilities.

We have a chance to better understand and fight for these members, by ensuring there are representatives on our National Executive Board who are mandated, by convention, to represent them.

As National President, I know it is important that our union’s governing body is closer to a fair representation of our membership. More, and more diverse, perspectives will enrich our discussions and allow us to make better decisions, for everyone.

It’s time to make this change. Together, we can make our great union even stronger.

61st Annual Labour Day Picnic in Kamloops

Mark your calendars for the Annual KDLC Labour Day Picnic on September 4th, 2017, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the McDonald Park Bandshell on the North Shore.

As always, we will feature local musicians, free kids activities, food,  prizes and giveaways and much more.

As always, this is a great opportunity to meet and greet labour and community groups in our community and we hope that you will be part of it.

Everyone is welcome!!!  Free and Fun, Rain or Shine…