About us

CUPE 4879 is the union of support staff at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). We are a local of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which is the largest labour union in BC and in Canada.

The mandate of CUPE 4879 is to improve and maintain the social and economic welfare of our members, to promote efficiency in Public Employment and to give clear evidence of its recognition of the unity of organized labour (solidarity among workers and other labour organizations).

Our members work in different locations across BC, with the majority of workers in Kamloops and Williams Lake. CUPE 4879 represents 600-700 support staff at TRU. Our members are utility workers, technicians, admissions officers, electricians, carpenters, administrative assistants, library workers, course editors, production technicians, marketing, orientation leaders, advisors, and many of the student workers on campus, such as co-op students, work study students, and teaching assistants. Many of our jobs directly support students and faculty while others are more administrative or facility related.

CUPE 4879 is a democratic union. Our members determine what the union does, how it operates, what stands it takes on issues, and what goals it sets for the future. Every member of CUPE 4879 has the opportunity to participate in our union. We hold general meetings the 2nd Wednesday of the month (except July and August). We have won the right to negotiate wages and working conditions; to stop arbitrary action by the employer; and to speak out without fear of reprisal.

Contact Form

To contact the CUPE 4879 office or any of the committees, please use this contact form.

Executive & Staff


Connie Angman, Executive Assistant
236-425-2141 (or Local 2141)

Connie Angman, CUPE 4879 office administrator.

Connie Angman, Executive Assistant




Lois Rugg, President 

Lois Rugg, CUPE 4879 president.

Lois Rugg, President


Cindy Ozouf, 1st Vice President

Cindy Ozouf, 1st Vice President


Karl Fultz, 2nd Vice President


Karl Fultz, 2nd Vice President

Lyn Ferec, Treasurer  

Lyn Ferec, CUPE 4879 executive board member.

Lyn Ferec, Treasurer

Melissa Schuurman, Recording Secretary

Melissa Schuurman, Recording Secretary

Laszlo Nemes, Sgt. at Arms 


Laszlo Nemes, Sgt. at Arms



CUPE 4879 has several active committees that members can participate in during their employment.

Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC)

The Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) is responsible for evaluating newly created positions and for reviewing positions submitted for re-evaluation. The committee is made up of three CUPE members appointed by election and three Administrative representatives appointed by the university President. Please see the Resources section for JJEC forms.

  • Myrissa Krenzler (term expires 2023)
  • Karl Fultz (term expires 2022)
  • Michael Dillon (term expires 2021)
  • TBD (1 year alternate term expires 2021)

Negotiating Committee 

  • Melissa Schuurmann (chair)
  • Lois Rugg
  • Cindy Ozouf
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD (alternate)

Grievance Committee

  • Lois Rugg
  • Jackie Enders
  • Cindy Ozouf
  • Melissa Schuurman
  • Joanne Atherton
  • Jasmine Haskell

Labour Management

  • Lois Rugg
  • Lyn Ferec
  • Kristen Webb
  • Wilma DeJong

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Reps

  • Jason Staruiala
  • Michael Dillon


  • Linda Fleck (term expires 2021)
  • Cristian Sonea (term expires 2022)
  • Navin Jain (term expires 2020)

Education Committee

  • Cindy Ozouf (chair) (term expires 2021)
  • Rhea Clements (term expires 2022)
  • Tony Kuczma (term expires 2023)

Social Committee

  • Laszlo Nemes
  • Bart Cummins
  • Cynthia Bosdet
  • Cindy Ozouf
  • Myrissa Krenzler
  • Shannon James
  • Shilpee Sharma
  • Tony Kuczma

Communications Committee

  • Lois Rugg
  • Cristian Sonea
  • Debbie Wasylyshyn
  • Cindy Ozouf
  • Cynthia Bosdet
  • Danna Bach
  • Stacy Penã
  • Bart Cummins

Adhoc By-Law Committee

  • Lyn Ferec (Executive Liaison)
  • Harry Nott (Advisor to the By-law Committee) (CUPE National Representative)
  • Melissa Schuurman
  • Chris Ward
  • Myrissa Krenzler
  • Eliza Pycock

Parking Appeal Advisory Committee

  • Myrissa Krenzler

Shop stewards

What is a shop steward?

Shop stewards are union members who have received training to represent and defend the interests of other members in the workplace, sometimes through the grievance process. They enforce the provisions of our collective agreement in the workplace and ensure that TRU is in compliance with labour laws. Stewards also share official union news and information and promote union values in the workplace.

When is it appropriate to speak with a shop steward?

Any time!

How to speak with a shop steward?

To speak with a shop steward contact Lois Rugg (President) or the CUPE office at 236-425-2141 or cupe4879@shaw.ca.

Shop stewards in Kamloops:

Lois Rugg, Lyn Ferec, Debbie Wasylyshyn, Debbie Blackwell, Karl Fultz, Cynthia Bosdet, David Johnson, Meg Durvin, Chris Ward, Myrissa Krenzler, Mary-Lou Stephenson, Cindy Ozouf, Jackie Enders, Melissa Schuurman, Linda Fleck, Allen Boyda, Brock Olsen, Stacey Penã

Shop stewards in Williams Lake:

Rhea Clements and Kathy Gilroy