Shop stewards

What is a shop steward?

Shop stewards are union members who have received training to represent and defend the interests of other members in the workplace, sometimes through the grievance process. They enforce the provisions of our collective agreement in the workplace and ensure that TRU is in compliance with labour laws. Stewards also share official union news and information and promote union values in the workplace.

When is it appropriate to speak with a shop steward?


How to speak with a shop steward?

To speak with a shop steward contact please contact –  Lois Rugg (President) 236-425-2142 or 250-318-9919 or reach out to our CUPE 4879 office at 236-425-2141 or email

Shop stewards in Kamloops:

  • Lois Rugg
  • Cindy Ozouf
  • Lyn Ferec
  • Jackie Enders
  • Linda Fleck
  • Shilpee Sharma
  • Kathleen Johnston
  • Katharine Ranta
  • Kasahra Atkins
  • Janine Rostron
  • Devon de Vries

Shop stewards in Williams Lake:

  • Rhea Clements