December 11, 2019 – Summary of our Membership Meeting

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the meeting and our Christmas Social.  It was such a great turn out!  We hope to see you all at the next meeting sometime in January 2020.

Summary of the Meeting

A motion was passed to elect one alternate for the Job Evaluation committee on an annual basis.  The election for this position will take place at the January 8th General Meeting when the other Executive and Committee positions are scheduled to be elected.

We also discuss that we will be electing four representatives to sit on the by-laws review AdHoc committee along with an Executive Liaison (which will be selected by the Executive Committee) and National Staff Representative, Harry Nott.

There was also a discussion on the memo from Human Resources about the Interview process for Job Evaluations.  If you require more information, this memo can be viewed in its entirety on the CUPE email list.  The Job Evaluation committee members from both sides of the party met to discuss this new process and agreed that eliminating the mandatory interviews will help alleviate the stress of the incumbent in this position.  In addition, this will also allow the committee members to focus more on other committee work such as the Job Evaluation Questionnaires (JEQ) that members spend so much time and effort to complete.  This change does not affect the manual, as the language already suggests that an interview is not mandatory.  The committee however, may still request an interview if they require further clarification.

If members have any questions about the Job Evaluation process, they are encouraged to contact the CUPE 4879 office and we will connect you with a member of the Executive Committee.  Please also note that the Job Evaluation resources are also available via the CUPE 4879 website and can be found via this link: .

We also encourage members to contact CUPE 4879 office prior to submitting a Job Evaluation Questionnaire so that we may offer our advice and support.

Executive Report – New Motion

A motion was passed to send two delegates to the CUPE BC “Super Conference” scheduled for June 2020 in Nanaimo, B.C.  More details will follow.

Upcoming Elections

Elections for various committee positions will take place in the new year.

Elections to send delegates to the CUPE BC Convention will also take place in February.

Other Business

Lois thanked the TRU Community and our members who donated shoes for the Annual Kamloops Shoe Memorial.  It was a very touching ceremony that included the inaugural Red Dress Memorial.  Lois also asked members to consider collecting or buying shoes for donations for the 2020 memorial if they are able.

The TRU Student Union’s inaugural holiday fest was a success and very well attended.  The decorated Santa by our members was well received and over 200 cups of cider was consumed.  Everyone had a good time!




CUPE SCHOLARSHIP 2020 now accepting applications

Three $1000 education awards are available. Preference will be given for one award to a student in a trade, technical, or vocational program; for the second award, preference will be given to a student in an academic program, and the third will be awarded to a student in either a trade or academic program.

Please refer to the downloadable application form for eligibility requirements.

CLICK here to Download a copy of the CUPE Scholarship application form

November 13, 2019 – Summary of our Membership Meeting

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the meeting.   It was nice to see you.

Agenda items for the meeting:

  1. Executive and Committee Nominations/Elections including:  1st Vice President, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms (To be eligible for the positions listed above, members must have attended 50% of the previous general meetings in the last 12 months.
  2. Report on CUPE National Convention
  3. Grievance Committee updates
  4. Notice of Motion: (Elect an alternate position for the Job Evaluation Committee for a one year term annually.
  5. Regular order of business

Summary of the Meeting

Nominations were held and the following members have been nominated:

1st VP – Debbie Wasylyshyn, Cindy Ozouf – election will be held January 2020.

Treasurer – Lyn Ferec

Sergeant at Arms – Laszlo Nemes

Trustee – 1 (3 year term) position – Linda McAbee

Education Committee – 1 (3 year term) position – Tony Kuczma

Job Evaluation Committee – 1 (3 year term) position – Myrissa Krenzler, Brock Olsen, Steve Zamudio – election will be held January 2020

Parking Appeal and Advisory Committee (2 year term) – Myrissa Krenzler, Janis Setka

Communications Committee – in addition to current committee members – Danna Bach, Bart Cummings, Stacy Pena

Social Committee – in addition to current committee – Shilpee Sharma, Tony Kuczma

Shop stewards – in addition to current stewards – Brock Olsen, Stacy Pena

Elections will be held January 2020!  Come out and support your fellow members.

Report on CUPE National Convention

President, Lois Rugg reported and shared photos from the Convention.  The Executive members had a busy week.  They were on the convention floor from 9-5 daily, taking in guest speakers and networking with  CUPE members from all over Canada, 300+ of which were from BC.  For more details, please check out our September & October 2019 edition of our newsletter.

Notice of motion for CUPE 4879 to donate $100 each to the following charities:

  • Out of the Cold
  • Christmas Amalgamated
  • Food Bank
  • TRUSU Foodbank
  • Mustard Seed Community New Life Mission

New Business

In the new year there will be an election for a By-Law Ad-Hoc committee which will consist of four elected members from the membership, an Executive liaison elected by the Executive Committee and our National Rep as the resource staff.

There will also be a discussion and debate on a motion to add an alternate position to the Job Evaluation Committee which would be elected on an annual basis.

Next meeting will be a shorter General Meeting with our Christmas social to follow  December 11, 2019.  Please come and join us for a good time.  More details to come!



Negotiated Benefit Improvements

Here is a quick reference to the most recent negotiated benefit improvements for the CUPE 4879/TRU 2019-2022 Collective Agreement.

Article 22 (d) Bereavement Leave. Increased from 4 days to 5 days.

Benefits as of October 2019 – Paramedical increases from $200 to $500 per calendar year, limited to $75 per visit; except unlimited maximum for physiotherapist

As of October 2019 – Surgical stockings (compression stockings) increased form $25 to $100 calendar year maximum

April 2020 – Orthodontics will be increased from $1500 to $3000 lifetime maximum

April 2020 – Hearing Aids – increased from $600 to $1500 per five (5) years

April 2021 – Vision care – (prescription glasses/contact/laser eye surgery) – increased from $300 to $400 per two (2) years

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all students, staff, and faculty to the 2019 fall semester at Thompson Rivers University (TRU).

The members of CUPE 4879 are support staff who work at TRU in Kamloops and Williams Lake. We are very pleased to be a part of every students’ journey, as they study, learn, find their path, and prepare for new careers and life experiences.

Our work contributes to the success of post-secondary students in earning their certificates, diplomas, degrees, and apprenticeships. We directly support students, faculty, administration and maintain the campus infrastructure. We are proud to provide necessary services that benefit TRU, the Kamloops and Williams Lake communities, and the province as a whole.

CUPE 4879 represents between 600-700 workers. Our membership includes employees in roles such as utility workers, technicians, admission officers, electricians and carpenters, administrative assistants, library workers, course editors, production technicians, marketing writers, orientation leaders, advisors, coordinators and student positions on campus, to name but a few of the many roles we fill.

We know that post-secondary education benefits everyone in the community, and we are very proud of the work we do for all students. We look forward to supporting every student throughout their time at TRU.

Best wishes for a successful school year! “We’ve got your back!”

CUPE 4879 November & December News











Every year CUPE 4879 offers three education awards of $1000 to our members and their family. This year’s deadline for applications is December 20.

One award is for a student in a trade, technical, or vocational program; the second award is for a student in an academic program; and the third will be awarded to a student in either a trade or academic program.

Applicants must be in a full-time course load and must be a member in good standing of CUPE 4879, or have a parent, guardian, or partner who is a member in good standing.

Visit the CUPE 4879 website or contact the CUPE office for an application form and to find out the award requirements.

Don’t forget! The deadline for applying is noon on December 20, 2018.



It’s that time of year again when your CUPE Social Committee and Executive work like Santa’s elves to put together the CUPE Holiday Social. This years’ event will follow our (very short) December General Meeting, held on Wednesday, December 12th at 4:35 pm in OL 127.

There will be finger food, drinks, fun holiday games, prizes, and festive tunes, but new to the party this year is a craft corner where you can make an ornament for the tree and/or a Christmas card.

So, bring your holiday spirit and Christmas cheer and join us for what is sure to be a fun-filled evening (but not too much fun because YouTube exists).

We hope to see everyone on Wednesday, December 12th at 4:35 pm in OL 127.







Lois Rugg, Debbie Wasylyshyn, Karl Fultz, and Linda Fleck represented CUPE 4879 at the CUPE Sector Conference in Ottawa. This years’ conference was held from November 6 – 9, 2018. Many of the themes covered are important for our workplace: fighting privatization, protecting our pensions, precarious work, funding for post-secondary, anti-oppression and anti-racism, making progress towards truth and reconciliation, and preventing violence and sexual harassment in post-secondary institutions.

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Federal NDP, gave the closing keynote address. He spoke of our “courageous optimism” to continue fighting for public infrastructure, including internet, to be kept in public hands.

“The Struggle is something we have to do – it is an act of love and courage.” Jagmeet Singh

Our members were active throughout the conference, and brought back some important take-aways to share:

  • Violence in the Workplace: Violence in the workplace can impact any of us, but is especially bad in health care and education sectors. Check out CUPE’s Violence: It’s NOT Part of the Job campaign. We learned of staff being told to expect to get hit/abused by patients, teachers and teacher’s aids to expect to be hit/abused by students, high school janitorial staff are expected to clean up after a suicide and only offered a EAP phone number instead of any kind of critical incidence debriefing/meaningful care.
  • Pensions Are Under Attack: The University of Saskatchewan is threatening to make unilateral cuts to their support staff’s pension plan. CUPE 1975 is fighting back with a “Paws Off Our Pension” campaign. We can see what is happening at universities across Canada, and we will stand together to protect our pensions.
  • Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action: We need to create space for marginalized peoples to participate in our workplaces and the labour movement: Celebrate special days, hand over some of the power, CUPE 3902’s “Sick of Racism” campaign, etc.
  • Crisis in Post-Secondary Funding: “Our Time to Act” Campaign: Government funding and precarious work are two issues that affect all of us at TRU. Under the BC Liberals, federal transfer payments for post-secondary actually INCREASED but provincial funding to universities went DOWN. Meanwhile, our wages have stayed frozen or been downgraded due to rising cost of living. Many of us at TRU are living pay-cheque to pay-cheque in uncertain jobs that could expire at any time. We know what has been happening, and we know that together we can reverse this. The 2019 Federal election is fast approaching. Now is our chance to put these issues on the ballot in 2019 through the “Our Time to Act” campaign.

“We need to take a longer view, look at what the fallout will be if we don’t look after these things. For example, a university that saves x-thousand dollars today on decimating pensions will cost general taxpayers x-MILLION dollars in future welfare payments to retirees.”


After years of government underfunding, access to high quality Post-Secondary Education is at risk. It’s our time to act!

CUPE 4879 and many CUPE Locals representing post-secondary institutions across the province and across Canada are raising awareness through the “Our Time To Act” campaign. We hope you will join us. It’s time for the federal government to be a real partner in post-secondary education again. The campaign is asking for the federal government to:

  • Adopt a Post-Secondary Education Act with clear conditions and accountability measures for federal funding.
  • Create a dedicated Post-Secondary Transfer.
  • Increase transfer funding by 40 percent to restore the level of per-student PSE funding that was provided in 1993.
  • Work with the provinces to reduce and eventually eliminate tuition fees for post-secondary education.

High-quality, funded, and accessible post-secondary education is essential for all of us. We’re asking everyone to help:

To learn more about the campaign, please visit


A appreciation luncheon was held for our committee members on November 22, 2018.

Thank you so much for all your hard work throughout the year!






CUPE 4879 Communication Committee (comm comm) has been busy updating and making changes to our websiteFacebook page, and Twitter account.

We’re looking for story submissions and ideas from our members for future updates. Please let us know what’s going on in your department, in the TRU community, and tell us if there is anything else you may want us to know.


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