JE updates

CUPE 4879’s Executive and Negotiation Committee have been working with HR to meet commitments made in the job evaluation letter of understanding (LOU) ratified earlier this year.

Though there was a delay in the first payment, we are happy to report that red-circled CUPE members have been receiving the lump-sum payments promised in the July 2018 LOU. Under the terms of the LOU, members who were red-circled in their positions after JE review between January 2015 to July 2018 have received lump sum payments for lost wage increases during this time period. The July deadline specified in the LOU was not met due to staff shortages in HR and Finance; however, it appears all eligible CUPE members have received the payments owed as of the middle of August. There will be one more payment made for increases not covered by the first payment date, as per the letter of understanding.

Your Negotiations Committee has met several times this summer and brought in an expert in job evaluation from CUPE National to meet the September 28 deadline for an agreement with TRU to improve the JE point system. The Union hopes to be able to negotiate changes that will bring some members out of red-circling completely, and the changes we are suggesting to the point system may also lift other members in positions that are not red-circled into a higher pay band if negotiations are successful. According to Lois Rugg, President of CUPE 4879, “It will be challenging to help those affected by a payband loss of two or more levels. Unfortunately, we don’t anticipate that all members will be un-redcircled as a result of these negotiations, but the employer seems earnest in wanting to make the much-needed changes. It will likely come down to what those changes will cost the employer. We’re doing everything we can to support our members and create a fair system for job evaluation.”

The committee met with the employer on September 13th and 14th to present proposals for changes, and CUPE Executive will report the results once an agreement has been reached. Any changes to the plan will be brought back to the membership for their approval.