Jan 18, 2023 – Summary of our General Meeting (Hybrid)

Thank you for those who attended our general meeting, here is a quick summary from the January 18, 2023.

Trustee Report for fiscal year July 2021 to June 2022 – Cristian Sonea gave the Trustees’ audit report on behalf of himself, Kathleen Johnston and Linda Fleck.  They reviewed the books, records and finances and find everything in order. The Local is following bylaws.  All files and paperwork are in order.  There was a very small list of recommendations given to Executive, and they have already been addressed. Lois gave the Executive’s response to thank our Trustees for their great work.  Thank you to our Treasurer Lyn Ferec who continues to make sound decision on behalf of our Local and a thank you to our Administrative Assistant, Connie Angman for her great financial and organizational skills.

Elections ( Please note a full list of Executive and Committees will be sent out next week ).

The 2nd Vice-President (VP) position was recently vacated by Navin Jain. On behalf of the membership we want to thank Navin for his dedication and work for the local and wish him and his wife much success in Vancouver as they start their new careers.

2nd VP:  Jaspreet Kaur and Jackie Enders were nominated for the position of 2nd VP and Jackie Enders was elected. Congratulations, Jackie!

Additional members acclaimed for the following committees

Social committee:  Ernest Kwok

Communication committee:  Ernest Kwok

Shop steward committee:  Janine Rostron, Katherine Ranta  (It was noted that if persons  would like to put their name forward to be a steward they could attend  the training sessions to learn more about it before confirming).

KDLC:  Shilpee Sharma

Thank you to everyone who let their name stand.  We appreciate you.

 CUPE BC Convention, April 26-29, 2023 in Victoria

A motion was passed to send the President and 5 delegates and elect one alternate to the CUPE BC Convention in Victoria April 26-29 with preference given to the 4879 Executive, with money to come from the CUPE BC Convention budget line.

Nominations and elections were held and the following delegates will attend on behalf of CUPE 4879:

Lois Rugg, Cindy Ozouf, Melissa Schuurman, Lyn Ferec, Jackie Enders, Kasahra Atkin.  Our alternate delegate will be Shilpee Sharma.

 Discussion and updates:

  • Bargaining update: currently in bargaining, going well, will bring an offer to membership when it’s ready – hopefully end of January/February.  Will have a special ratification meeting to discuss and vote
  • Hybrid work query: proposal put into bargaining, and employer also has a committee working on it
  • Financial report: question about if there is a baseline from CUPE national that we should be meeting?  Lois: We are exceeding what is expected
  • WIT Committee: Credential Enhancement Fund given to 22 people, with over $42,000 awarded, those who received funds will get them soon
  • CUPE 4879 bursary deadline is here.

Door prizes of $20 were won by Lyn Ferec and Marianna Abutalipova.

Congratulations.  Connie will be in touch. See you all at the next meeting!